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All Together Now: Common Sense for a Fair Economy
by Jared Bernstein

AVAILABILITY: Active Record (Readily Available)

Publication Date: April 2006
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Incorporated
Binding: Perfect
Condition: Close-out

Description: One copy left at this price.

As the new century unfolds, we face prodigious, new economic and social challenges, but thus far the dominant vision has failed to develop a hopeful, positive narrative about how these challenges can be met in such a way as to uplift the majority. Instead, messages such as “it’s your money” (mantra of the first GW Bush campaign), and frames such as “the ownership society” stress an ever-shrinking role for government and much more individual risk-taking as opposed to risk-pooling.

Discussion of the role of government has devolved into an extreme version of individualism. The message — sometimes implicit, but often explicit — is, “You’re on your own.” Economist Jared Bernstein argues that such policies promote an excessive spirit of individualism, and in doing so damage our polity and diminish the potential of our society, both in the present and especially in the future. They needlessly reduce our economic security and the living standards of most families.

All Together Now presents an alternative vision, one which applauds individual freedom but emphasizes such freedoms are best realized with a more collectivist approach to public policy. The message is simple: we’re all in this together.

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