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Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm
by Dilip Hiro

AVAILABILITY: Active Record (Readily Available)

Publication Date: November 2002
Publisher: Basic Books
Binding: Trade Paper
Condition: Close-out

Description: A report from the inside by one of the world's leading authorities on the Middle East.

George Bush Sr. described Saddam Hussein as the "new Hitler," while his son, George W., during a recent state of the union address, accused Iraq of being part of an "axis of evil." Since 1990 few places have inspired such high dudgeon in U.S. political circles as Iraq, a country easily demonized, simplified or even obscured by the formidable Saddam Hussein. In this short, pithy primer, the celebrated journalist and historian Dilip Hiro looks beyond the spin of both the Bush administration and Saddam's Ba-athist regime to explore Iraq in all its complexity. Combining case histories and searching political analysis, Hiro explores everyday life in Iraq now, describing the lives of the Iraqi "street" and the effect sanctions have had on their lives. From there he paints a broader picture of Iraq that is both nuanced and vivid, emphasizing the dual importance of the Gulf War of 1991, and the Iran-Iraq war of 1980–88, and the role of the U.S., first friend and then foe, to the Ba-athist regime. He examines the brutal role of Saddam and the Ba-aath Party, his personality cult and its lethal security apparatus, as well as attempts of the internal and external Saddam opposition to overthrow Saddam. Hiro also weighs the achievements and failures of the sanctions regime, especially how the U.S. has used U.N. sanctions as a way to advance its own unilateral policy toward Iraq. Hiro concludes by warning of the potentially catastrophic outcome to Bush's plans to attack Iraq and violently overthrow Saddam—to regional stability, the world economy, and the lives of many innocent Iraqis. Included are photographs that add to this timely publication. "Dilip Hiro ... is a model political analyst. His approach is incorrigibly non-partisan as it is methodical."—Justin Wintle, The Sunday Times (London)


"A scrupulous and discerning vest-pocket contemporary history of Iraq from a writer with a well-earned reputation for evenhandedness....Under Hiro's steady and searching light, no political interest emerges from Iraq's recent history without blood on its hands or egg on its face, while, it seems, interest in the Iraqi people has fallen off the radar." Kirkus Reviews


"Dilip Hiro...is a model political analyst. His approach is incorrigibly non-partisan as it is methodical." Justin Wintle, The Sunday Times (London)

Table of Contents

Life in Iraq — Babylon to Baathist era — Iraq and the invasion of Kuwait — The Baath and Saddam — The opposition and its foreign links — Iraq, the United Nations, and the United States — Iraq and the region — Oil, the defining element of Iraq — Iraq after 9/11.

Review(s): "Dilip Hiro...is a model political analyst. His approach is incorrigibly non-partisan as it is methodical." - Justin Wintle, The Sunday Times (London)

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