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I Belonged to an LSD Cult
by Trevor Trueheart

AVAILABILITY: Readily available

Publication Date: November 1992
Publisher: Green Fir Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Condition: Special Sale - Ask about bulk prici

Description: After more than a decade of sworn secrecy about his life in the encounter group 'Tribe', where two dozen people gathered periodically for 12 years to ingest LSD, the author reveals the most intimate, personal details of his transformation.

Review(s): "An odyssey of self-discovery through trust, betrayal, and sheer guts." - Elaine Chernoff, Ph.D.

"If you want to live a healthy emotional life this book will tell you how." - Freda Morris, Ph.D., author, 'Self-Hypnosis in 48 Hours'

"I had promised myself I would work no more on my relationship with my deceased father; it was time I got on with life. Then I read a few chapters of Triplepoint and found myself out on the porch, in the moonlight, using a description from the book to confront and lay to rest this core snarl of love and violence in my past. In this very condensed history of a decade of chemically-assisted psychotherapy, Trevor Trueheart doesn't just advise you to confront your demons; he describes how and gives you the heart to do it. Sharing his astonishment and relief as each encounter leaves him not only still alive, but still stronger and more bouyant, you are encouraged by his delight and openness. These candid reports of his experience include techniques for engaging pain, accepting the irrational and the unacceptable, encouraging and remembering dreams and having fun with feelings; finally we are treated to his breakthrough to joy. A blueprint for how to take responsibility for your life, Triplepoint is a product of the 1960's with messages for the twenty first century." - Pamela Fraser

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