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Enough Blood Shed: 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror and War
by Mary-Wynne Ashford, with Guy Dauncey, Foreword Arun Gandhi

AVAILABILITY: Active Record (Readily Available)

Publication Date: June 2006
Publisher: Consortium Book Sales & Distribution
Binding: Perfect
Condition: Close-out

Description: One copy left at this price.

'Enough Blood Shed' confronts the reality of a world awash in weapons and the belief that war is inevitable, with people powerless to change the system. It provides an alternative perspective based on solutions known to be successful because they have been used already.

The first part of the book describes the culture of violence that has led the world to this precipice of hopelessness, and then points to signs of hope that a different future is possible. It outlines the steps being made to build a culture of peace, including the phenomenal power of civil society: the second superpower - or the conscience of society.

Part Two then focuses on the solutions that are possible for all sectors of society:

* For individuals, including women, children and youth;

* For schools, educators, activist groups and religious; organizations;

* For the media, professionals, business and labor; and

* For cities, nations and the global community.

Focusing on the power of ordinary people to make a difference and packed with effective nonviolent success stories - often in a setting of hate and provocation - the book provides guidance, inspiration, hope and empowerment that peace is not only possible, but can be fun along the way.

Mary-Wynne Ashford is Past President of International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War that won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize. She has been a leader in the international peace and disarmament movement for over twenty years.

Guy Dauncey is a sustainable development consultant and the publisher of EcoNews, a monthly environmental newsletter. He is the author of 'Stormy Weather' and 'After the Crash' and a regular contributor to YES! Magazine. Dauncey lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Review(s): "Practical, possible and necessary. 'Enough Blood Shed' must be in everyone's quiver of inspiration, motivation, examples that work, and places to go for information so that we can leave this world a safer and saner place for our children and grandchildren. Send it to educators, activists, and your mother in law." - Cora Weiss, President, Hague Appeal for Peace and International Peace Bureau

"So many of us bemoan global violence, but don't know how to act to stop it. Ashford's book offers a thoughtful diagnosis, inspiring global examples, and specific ways for us to act for change. It's a antidote to helplessness, a powerful mix of realism and vision." - Paul Loeb, author of 'Soul of a Citizen'

"Exciting. Creative. Concrete. It would be hard to over-praise 'Enough Blood Shed'; I have never seen a better format for the presentation of peace themes in such a vivid and compelling style. Ashford and Dauncey have scored a hit." - Canadian Senator Emeritus Douglas Roche, O.C.

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