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The Fire This Time: U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf (Updated 3rd edition)
by Ramsey Clark (Former U.S. Attorney General)

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Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: International Action Center
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Crime & Punishment, Democracy: Theory & Practice, Human Health & Welfare, Media, Militarism, Nature, Race & Civil Rights, Toxics, United States, Visioning the Future
Condition: Special Sale

Description: This new edition of the groundbreaking work by Ramsey Clark tells the truth about U.S. war crimes against the Iraqi people in the 1991 war, and the U.S. government's war strategy since 9-11. 'The Fire This Time' is an invaluable resource for those organizing opposition to a new U.S. war against Iraq - anti-war activists, students, and readers worldwide. It contains comprehensive research unmatched by any other book on the Iraq war, and it includes updated information on the deadly impact of economic sanctions on Iraqi civilians, which have been in place since August 1990. It analyzes how the Bush administration has opportunistically seized on the tragic events of September 11 to prepare a premeditated act of aggression in this oil-rich region on the flimsy rationale of "a war against terrorism".

Ramsey Clark reveals the horrors he witnessed traveling through war-torn Iraq during and after 'Desert Storm'. Based on research conducted in more than 20 countries as well as eyewitness accounts, this book is a devastating refutation of the deluge of misinformation emanating from the corporate media and official government sources.

Review(s): "A strong indictment of the war and especially of the needless deaths of civilians caused by bombing." - New York Times

"'The Fire This Time' shows that our leaders committed war crimes in the Persian Gulf War no less surely than the Nazis committed war crimes in World War II." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Raises serious questions about the behavior of the U.S. government throughout the Gulf crisis." - Noam Chomsky

"[Ramsey Clark] risked his life by traveling for three weeks through Iraqi cities in an old American sedan at a time when the U.S. was staging 3,000 bombing sorties a day." - Los Angeles Times

"Clark presents Americans with the unthinkable: that their government killed upwards of 100,000 civilians in a terrifying power exercise, sanctified by a captive media..." - KIRKUS Reviews

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