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Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for Citizens and Their Governments
by Mark Roseland, Foreword by Hazel Henderson

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Publication Date: 1998
Publisher: New Society
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Agriculture, Climate Change, Democracy: Theory & Practice, Economics, Energy, Nature, Population / Consumption, Sustainable Community, Toxics, Transportation
Condition: Special Sale

Description: Our most critical global environmental issues are rooted in local, day-to-day problems. While the environmental movement has inspired battles to protect nature, we have allowed our cities and towns to sprawl without consideration for resource efficiency - they have become gross engines of consumption and waste. Our communities now stand as the single source of most regional and global environmental problems that threaten even the most distant wild areas saved by environmentalists.

'Toward Sustainable Communities' offers practical suggestions and innovative solutions to a wide range of municipal and community problems in clear, accessible language. Topics include air quality, transportation and traffic management, energy conservation and efficiency, land use and housing, and economic and community development in the context of achieving a "sustainable community." Chapters include "Tools" and "Initiatives" sections to help readers achieve the goals of the chapter's topic, plus essential contacts and references including e-mail and web addresses. To help keep you current on vital sustainability information, New Society Publishers' web site (www.newsociety.com) will provide annual updates on the contacts and resources listed in 'Toward Sustainable Communities'.

Mark Roseland is the editor of 'Eco-City Dimensions: Healthy Communities, Healthy Planet' and is past editor of RAIN magazine. He directs the Community Economic Development Centre at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and teaches in the School of Resource and Environmental Studies.

Review(s): "Toward Sustainable Communities is a rare compendium of tested, practical suggestions, helpful contacts, and essential references to use in setting community planning and development on a sustainable course." - Jeb Brugmann, Secretary General, The International Commission for Local Environmental Initiatives

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