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Ecological Design
by Sim Van der Ryn, Stuart Cowan

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Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: Island
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Agriculture, Energy, Nature, Sustainable Community, Technology, Toxics, Visioning the Future
Condition: Close-Out

Description: Sim Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowan present a vision of how the living world and the human world can be rejoined by taking ecology as the basis for design. Ecological design - the marriage of nature and technology - can be applied at all levels of scale, creating revolutionary forms of buildings, landscapes, cities, and technologies. Some examples include:

*sewage treatment plants that use constructed marshes to purify water

*agricultural systems that mimic and merge with their surrounding landscapes

*industrial "ecosystems" in which waste from one productive process becomes fuel for the next.

The authors weave together case studies, personal anecdotes, images, and theory to provide a thorough treatment of the concept of ecological design. In the process, they present and explain a series of design principles that can help build a sustainable world with increased efficiency, fewer toxics, less pollution, and healthier natural systems.

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