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Women, Poverty and AIDS: Sex, Drugs and Structural Violence
by Paul Farmer, Margaret Connors, Janie Simmons (eds.)

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Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: Common Courage
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Corporate Rule, Human Health & Welfare, Labor & Work / Classism, Race & Civil Rights, Sexism / Patriarchy
Condition: Slightly Worn

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Review(s): "Lucid, smart, passionate, and compassionate, 'Women, Poverty & AIDS' puts the class back into class analysis. Through a diversity of voices, experiences, geographies and disciplines, the contributors argue that poverty as a factor in the global HIV epidemic is pervasive, neglected, and urgent. Poverty is inescapably linked to gender. A call to arms on behalf of health and social justice for poor women, its impact is searing." - Paula Treichler, University of Illinois, Urbana, editor of 'The Feminist Dictionary'

"Exceedingly well-written, this book shows that AIDS is a wake-up call - we must be about the business of transforming our world, if for no other reason than to prevent the creation of a worse epidemic, which could be the inevitable sequel to our failure to contain this one. A compelling presentation of people, programs and ideas, 'Women, Poverty & AIDS' has an important message of hope." - Robert Fullilove and Mindy Fullilove, M.D., Columbia School of Public Health

"Moving beyond a simple biomedical model, this book compels us to view AIDS in women in a wholly new way, as an inescapable event in lives devalued by the forces of poverty, racism, and sexism. This extraordinary multidisciplinary effort should serve as the guidebook for those who want to understand how AIDS could become a leading killer of young women in a mere decade." - Deborah Cotton, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital, editor of 'The Medical Management of AIDS in Women'

"'Women, Poverty & AIDS' makes a major contribution by staying always close to the lived realities of real people in real places, and refusing the old, empty, pat answers to difficult questions. A hard-nosed, real-life analysis - an antidote to status quo thinking - this should be required reading for all who care about AIDS - or public health." - Jonathan Mann, M.D., Director of the International AIDS Center, and the Fran├žois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health

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