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The Chaordic Organization
by Dee Hock

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Publication Date: 1999
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler
Binding: Paperback
Topics: Business / New Paradigms, Democracy: Theory & Practice, Economics, Nature, Sustainable Community, Visioning the Future
Condition: Special Sale

Description: 'The Chaordic Organization' sums up the chaordic outlook in a concise, convenient, easy-to-distribute format. Drawing on the Prologue and Epilogue of 'The Birth of the Chaordic Age', this booklet describes the essentials of the chaordic philosophy and outlines the first basic steps that any organization must take to begin the journey towards developing a more flexible, self-organizing, self-governing structure.

'The Chaordic Organization' is perfect for sparking discussions in board rooms, lunch rooms, class rooms, living rooms-- anywhere where people are struggling to answer the same questions Dee Hock has been asking for decades:

* Why are organizations everywhere, whether political, commercial or social, increasingly unable to manage their affairs?

* Why are individuals, everywhere, increasingly in conflict with and alienated from the organizations of which they are a part?

* Why are commerce, society and the biosphere increasingly in disarray?

Formation of a chaordic organization is a difficult, often painful process, but one also filled with joy and humor. Entirely different dynamics of judgment, behavior, capacity and ingenuity can evolve. Small shifts in deeply held beliefs and values can massively alter societal behavior and results - in fact, may be the only thing that ever has. That is my hope for our future." - Dee Hock

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