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"Paul Cienfuegos of 100 Fires Books has the most comprehensive, appropriate booktable we've ever had at SolWest. Since 2003, he's been tailoring his selection for what our market likes. Oh, and he reliably pays us the agreed amount -- including discounted books for our nonprofit organization's library as part payment! We love having him at SolWest Fair."

—Jennifer Barker
EORenew/SolWest Fair organizer
John Day, OR

"Paul Cienfuegos and his business 100 Fires Books were a huge asset at Plan It Green's 'Energy Alternatives Conference' that we organized, in Humboldt County, June of 2007. We provided him with about 50 linear feet of tables, and he covered them with an amazing and diverse selection of books, DVDs and CD-ROMs, focused very thoughtfully on the specific issues we were covering at our event. He special ordered many titles, as well as pulling more than 100 titles from his existing extensive stock of books. He handled all of his set-up and break-down professionally and efficiently. And we have invited him back again this year to do the same thing for our upcoming 'Building Green Communities II' conference. Paul is easy to work with and I would heartily recommend his services to any conference or convention organizer. Plan It Green is an educational, non profit, green building advocacy group of which some members are employed at Winzler & Kelly (a consulting engineering firm)."
—Steve Salzman, P.E., LEED A.P.
Winzler & Kelly
Eureka, CA

"100 Fires Books is a breath of fresh air in the midst of a corporate quagmire."
—Jeanmarie Simpson
Director, Nevada Shakespeare Company

"Paul and 100Fires have been an invaluable part of the Fall English Studies Conference Uniting Educators (FESCUE) since its inception. Whether I'm requesting specific titles or general themes, 100Fires delivers an outstanding range of books to our conference goers. In fact, our conference lounge would not be the hub of the conference without Paul: his deep and broad knowledge of the books he sells as well as his genial and intelligent approach all contribute to the overall experience we seek to offer every year. 100Fires Books is an essential part of providing a socially-conscious and vibrant event. Thanks, Paul, for keeping your focus on community engagement--you make it easy to make the right choice!"
—Dr. Nikola Hobbel, FESCUE Conference Director
Assistant Professor of English & Education, Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA

"The environmental and social justice movements now have their own on-line bookstore. People are ready for radical change: All that's needed are accessible alternatives. 100Fires.com is the website with insight. I like to think of it as 'Amazon.org' or, even better, the 'GreenAmazon.com.' We only got one chance to sign over our US tax rebate checks to a deserving group. But with 100Fires.com, we can vote with our bucks every time we order a new paradigm-shifting book. A new world is possible. 100Fires.com can provide the guideposts to action and alternative visions that are an essential part of global notion-building."
—Gar Smith, editor emeritus, Earth Island Journal

"100Fires Books is a very valuable project in these days of rampant commercialism and ever-narrower control over media, publishing, and distribution."
—Noam Chomsky, long-time political activist, writer, and professor of linguistics

"We need every possible alternative to mainstream commercial book-selling. This is an innovative, imaginative and welcome attempt to give people such an alternative."
—Howard Zinn, America's most beloved radical historian

"As the organizer of a large conference, I have been delighted to have Paul Cienfuegos and 100Fires staff the booktabling service. We received many comments from participants about the wonderful and exciting book selection and the very helpful and friendly staff. 100Fires brings an incredible selection of appropriate materials and really tailored the selection closely to meet our needs. I'll go with them any day!"
—Eric Rofes [1954-2006], Humboldt State University Assistant Professor of Education, and Coordinator of the annual North Coast Education Summit

"The New College of California considers 100Fires Books to be an invaluable resource for stocking our library with books necessary for creating a just, sacred and sustainable world!"
—Michael McAvoy, Director, New College, Santa Rosa campus

"Parents and educators need the correct information to pass along to children, and public school textbooks are not where that information is found. 100 Fires Books is unique in that it offers books that get to the heart of the social issues facing our times. Books that educate, inspire and empower are strongly needed in these rapidly changing times where the very future of our freedoms and the freedoms we expected for our children are at stake."
—Kytka Hilmar-Jezek, Ph.D., Waldorf Homeschoolers

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